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Every divorce is different.

Let us assist you in identifying your divorce resource team
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Are you considering divorce?  Do you have questions about the process, your options and how to proceed?  We know there are so many considerations when determining if and how you will get divorced.  Some of the questions that often surface include alimony, length of marriage impacts, how to find an attorney, child support, equitable distribution of assets and many more. Our professionals can help you understanding your options, properly define your next steps, and help you get “divorce-ready.”


Are you currently in the process of divorcing? It can feel overwhelming.  This is all new territory and you may feel like you need to know all the answers.  We have professionals that can assist you in making informed decisions on the things that can significantly impact your lifestyle post-divorce.  Our professionals can provide the information, hope, and support that can allow you to navigate the path forward that is right for you and your family.


Are you on the other side of divorce?  As you begin your new chapter you have the power to chose your path forward by making intentional, informed decisions based on your situation and goals. We can help you get educated on your alternatives, gain clarity, and move into this new space with a plan.    Our professionals can offer you the tools, advice, and expertise to rebuild and move forward in this new season.

Divorce is Not for Me

Have you considered uncoupling and concluded that divorce is not the path for your marriage?  Have you determined what the stressors in your marriage might be?  Frequently, financial discomfort can be a major disjoint in marriage.  If current financial plans or the lack of plans are creating stress in your marriage, we can work with you to better define the root concerns and create a unified financial plan that aligns with your common life goals.

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Regardless of your stage in the divorce process, our team of professionals is ready to offer the help required to assist with your situation.