Frequently Asked Questions

How does the D Team work?

The goal of the D Team is to streamline the divorce process, identify the appropriate support team for each client and minimize unnecessary stress.  We do this with an initial assessment of your situation.  Following the assessment you will be provided at least three professional contacts in each category of need.  This will allow you to interview the professionals and identify a good match.  The D Team also offers the option of signing on a coach/navigator to work with you along the way.  They can assist in keeping you organized and on task based on your team and your priorities.

Why can’t I put together my own divorce support team?

You can, however the benefit of working with the D Team is that these are highly experienced professionals that have proven they can work together as a team for your benefit.  Anyone we identify for you has agreed to work diligently and efficiently for you and with the other members of the team.  Ultimately, this model can achieve better results for a lower cost, less stressful divorce.

Why shouldn’t I just call an attorney and start there?

Attorneys are a critical resource on your support team.  Attorneys define the legal framework and divorce options, but it is important to remember that ultimately divorce is a financial and family transaction. Post-divorce you will live with the financial agreements and family arrangements you agree to.  The attorney is critical in supporting you in the legal nuances of divorce but they are often not certified financial advisors, tax specialists, or family therapists.  The D Team can connect you with the resources you need to feel confident that your life post-divorce meets your goals.

The other consideration when choosing an attorney is the divorce process you want to pursue.  For example, if you chose a collaborative divorce in order to keep your personal information out of the public eye, you may want an attorney that is collaboratively trained.  If you choose to take your divorce to the courtroom, you will want an family law attorney experienced in this setting.

What is “My D Team?”

Your D Team are the resources our team will identify based on your situation.  For example, a 3-year marriage with minimal assists and no children may be a simple divorce and the team may just be an attorney or mediator.  On the other hand, a 20-year marriage with a family business, multiple assets, a large home,  tax considerations and children may be a more complex divorce and require support from a larger team to ensure the right decisions are made for the family.  The team in this scenario might include: an attorney, a CDFA, a mental health professional, a forensic accountant and a realtor. 

Are all support teams large? Won’t this be expensive?

Generally, the support teams can range in the number of professional resources based on the complexity of your situation.  The goal is to only bring in the professionals necessary to meet your goals and ideally create a healthy financial and emotional future. 

If I already have an attorney, can the D Team help me?

Yes, our professionals can work with your attorney to fill in the gaps needed.

Once we decide to divorce, how do we start?

The most common thing people are told by their friends when beginning the divorce process is  ”Call an attorney.”  Attorneys are crucial.  They know the law and the legal process however, there is preparatory work to be done before you go see an attorney.  Often times this gets overlooked.  The D Team will consider your individual circumstances, assist you in getting “attorney-ready,” and even attend your attorney meetings with you when appropriate.  

What if my divorce is pretty simple? Do I still need the D Team?

The D Team can assess your situation whether it is complicated or straightforward.    Often times the assessment can identify opportunities that might be overlooked without the proper review.  The D Team will identify the minimal amount of support necessary to address your goals and needs.  This allows you to feel comfortable that you are not missing anything and also keeps the cost to a minimum.  Because there are no “do-overs” in divorce, we strongly recommend taking the simple step of meeting with the D Team to review your matters.

How did the D Team get started?

The reason the D Team was founded by Robert Franskousky is because over the years he has seen too many people with unfavorable situations post-divorce…after it is too late to fix the issues.  At that point people have to live with the mistakes that could have been prevented with education and the appropriate, professional resource team.  The money spent during the divorce process to “get it right” is often far less than the money spent, missed and lost post-divorce.  Divorce can be complicated. The D Team can assist with the financial, legal and emotional support you need.